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Social Studies

1979 Revolution Black Friday

The Iranian Revolution

Bad News

Vaccinate Against Disinformation

Donut County

A Lesson on Gentrification


On the Fringe of Two Identities

Never Alone

Native Alaskan Folklore

Raji An Ancient Epic

Ancient India & Hindu Culture/Mythology

The Game of Life

A Unit on Personal Finance

3rd World Farmer

The Hardships of Farming

Battlefield 1

World War I Changed Everything

Fortnite Creative

Create a Virtual Diorama

Life is Strange 2

A Different Kind of Hero's Journey

Papers Please

Control the Flow of Migration

Super Mario Odyssey

Having Fun With Culture

The Republia Times

Become a Minister of Propaganda

Attentat 1942

Nazi Occupation

Bury Me My Love

A Story of Love, Hope, and Migration

Gone Home

A Story of Acceptance


Capitalism - Socialism - Communism

Pokémon Go

Museum Tour

Super Smash Bros.

Putting Evidence in Context

Valiant Hearts The Great War

WWI: A World Torn Apart

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