About Me

Zachary Hartzman is a licensed Secondary School Teacher in New York. He teaches high school Social Studies in New York City where he has taught Global History, United States History, Economics, and Government. He has a Masters in the Teaching of Social Studies from Teachers College at Columbia University. He is the founder of Hey Listen Games, where he creates curriculum for teaching with video games. He is also a member of the inaugural Future Class for The Game Awards. He has been featured in a number of educational podcasts where he advocates for game based learning in schools as a way to increase engagement among students and social emotional learning. He frequently travels to video game and comic conventions in order to both learn and share how to utilize geek culture as a method of making learning more fun and improving school culture. He is active on twitter at @HeyListenGames_

Hey Listen Games will be a space for two main things. The first will be a resource for people interested in utilizing video games in classrooms. Check out the "Home" tab in the top to find various lesson plans, sorted by subject, for how you can teach with video games. Teachers are at their best when they utilize what they love in the classroom. 

Hey Listen Games will also be a place to reflect on these lessons/games as they are being taught in the classroom. From gaming classics like Ocarina of Time teaching me about adventure and how to use my imagination to indies like Celeste that teach us it's okay to struggle. Video games are more popular than ever and the lessons we can learn from them are endless. Check out the "Classroom" tab up top to find new posts that provide rationales for new lessons, or posts detailing how a particular lesson went in class.