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I was Interviewed on the Podcast Professor Game

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

What's going on everyone?

I was interviewed by Rob Alvarez over at Professor Game, once again talking about how I use video games in my classroom.

Professor Game: Gamification for Education

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  • Zack Hartzman is a Social Studies teacher at a high school in The Bronx of New York City. He has a Master’s Degree in the teaching of Social Studies from Teachers College at Columbia University. He has taught Global History, United States History, Economics, and Government. He is the founder of Hey Listen Games, a website where he creates curriculum and lesson plans for teachers to use video games in their classrooms.

  • Over the past few years, Zack has incorporated a number of video games, usually entertainment games, into his teaching. He started utilizing video games because he teaches at a school dedicated to newly arrived immigrants and English Language Learners who benefit from visual, auditory, and interactive learning. Video games have been very effective at both making the content more accessible and engaging for his students. What he has noticed is that there are almost zero resources (i.e. lesson plans) available online that actually detail how to teach with video games. Hey Listen Games provides full lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, slides, and rationales for video games across several subject areas. His objective is to provide resources so teachers can be fully prepared when they decide to incorporate a video game into teaching.

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