Teaching With Video Games

Video games, like any other medium, can be an incredibly valuable resource for our classrooms. Check out my lessons, sorted by subject, below. For each game you will find a lesson plan, accompanying handouts, and presentation slides. There is potential for overlap between subjects. Click the"classroom" tab above to find posts about new lessons or posts detailing how a lesson went with my students. Check out "The Teacher's Lounge" to share how you have taught with games, especially if you have used one of these lessons!

Video Game Literature Course

This is my personal video game elective class that I am pioneering at my school. The year will consist of 3 units; One in ELA, one Social Studies, and one Media Literacy


English Language Arts


Find lessons for your ELA classes. Including topics on Theme, Parts of a Story, Foreshadowing, Creative Writing, etc.




Not a lot here for Science yet, but you can find lessons on diseases and evolution.




This isn't for a specific class. These are guides I have given students as they read various comics/graphic novels in my class.


Social Studies


Find lessons for your Social Studies classes. Topics include US History, World History, Culture, Civil Rights, etc.


Social Emotional Health

Do you have an Advisory class, or Homeroom? These lesson are designed to help students with their Social-Emotional Health. Topics include Empathy, Grief, Loss, Failure, Relationships, Decision-Making, etc.


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