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Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

Who Wants to Live a Million Years? serves as an introduction to natural selection and to Charles Darwin's life and career. It allows students to practice important concepts by having them adapt a fictional species to it’s ever changing environment. This can lead to further lessons on evolution, genetics, and other biology topics. Teachers will want to follow up with a clarification of what students experience to reinforce the core concepts of natural selection.

“Who Wants to Live a Million Years? is a hands-on introduction to the concept of natural selection that allows students to make choices to guide the process. Cute not-seen-in-the-real-world creatures with specific features -- such as long or short legs, long or short necks, fur or no fur, and stripes or no stripes -- make up the potential gene pool. Guided by naturalist Charles Darwin, students choose three creatures with which to begin the natural selection process, in the hope their population will have enough variation to withstand climate change and predators for a million years, establishing a viable lineage over time. During the game, environmental and other disasters occur that guide the evolution of the population and decrease their number. At two points in the game, students can, if they wish, introduce a mutation into the population that will help guide their creatures' evolution during crisis. The game also includes information on Darwin's life, a quiz, and a glossary of useful terms.” - Common Sense Education

Developed by Swarm Interactive, Inc.

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Rated: E for Everyone