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The Stanley Parable

This game is all about choices and the consequences of your choices. It is about thinking you have a choice when in reality, everything was already predetermined. It is about listening to instructions, or going against what is expected of you. This is a perfect advisory lesson to get your students thinking about the choices they make and why it is important to think for themselves before making decisions that can affect the trajectory of their lives.

Making choices is important, but it is important to, as my parents always reminded me, "think before you act." We want our students to be able to make their own choices, but we also want them to consider when they should, or should not, follow the instructions of authority figures. Listening can be important, but so is forging your own path. 

Developed by Davey Wreden, Galactic Cafe

Available on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux. Coming soon to consoles.

Rated: No Official Rating, but I Recommend 13+