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Oct 8

I'm assigning all of you homework. Since all the materials on Hey Listen Games are free, you can consider this your payment, unless you've actually donated to the site :) I want teachers to use this f
Oct 23

Player Interaction Player interaction is an important characteristic to consider when designing games. The designer has to answer the questions “How is the player going to interact with the game? H
Sep 11

Just used the Science game from the Chicago Science Museum. It is about simple machines, and the best way to use 4 different simple machines to help Twitch get through his tasks. A score is given at t
Sep 7

Hi all! My name is James and I teach English as a foreign language at a university just outside of Tokyo. My curriculum is not centered on any specific game, but board games. Mainly social deduction
a day ago

I recently got a chance to demo a lesson to two undergraduate classes of Secondary English Education majors on how one could use Undertale to teach practice close reading activities using alternate
Sep 21

I recently wrote about using an RPG in place of a traditional novel for a fourth grade fantasy unit Teched-Up Teacher. Link to full article: http://www.techedupteacher.com/tomorrows-read-aloud-the-r
Sep 8

Hi everyone, There are a lot of games with historical themes, and I find that if you use one in your class that matches your topic, you can get a lot more engagement with the students. Experiencing
Sep 6

Hey, just discovered this site from reddit - I'm a first year sophomore English teacher & I realized teaching The Republia Times would be an excellent way to sum up themes we'd been discussing as we r