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Pokémon Go

Teachers are often encouraged to get their students out of the building. This leads to many field trips to museums, parks, national monuments, etc. Quite often it can be challenging to get students interested in focusing on the content/reason for the trip. Most destinations for field trips are usually hubs in Pokémon Go. This is not a lesson plan for any specific activity, or content. It is instead guidelines and materials for how to use Pokémon Go on your next field trip.

Pokéstops are one of the core gameplay elements. When the player visits these stops, the are given items. Each stop, however, is usually the location of some kind of landmark. They each have a unique name and picture of whichever landmark they are attached to. Most museums, parks, and other places with high volumes of visitors, have a large number of Pokéstops scattered about the premises. When you visit a museum, a stop may be of the building itself, or of any of the artifacts and items within the museum. Students can spin Pokéstops as they make their way around wherever it is that they are visiting. This works best in museums and parks. They can record the names of their Pokéstops and give brief explanations of what each stop represents.

Developed by Niantic

Available on iOS and Android

Rated: 11+