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This is a mini unit on different types of economic systems. This will last for six days in total. Students will play Monopoly several times with the rules being modified to match whichever economic system is currently being taught.

  • Day 1 - Play Monopoly (Capitalism Version)

  • Day 2 - Read about Capitalism and compare it to the game. 

  • Day 3 - Play Monopoly (Socialism Version)

  • Day 4 - Read about Socialism and compare it to the game. 

  • Day 5 - Play Monopoly (Communism Version)

  • Day 6 - Read about Communism and compare it to the game.

Monopoly is not a perfect example of any economic system, but it is a good starting point to get students thinking about the qualities of each system. Obviously there are many factors in real life that are not present in the game, but this will serve to get students critiquing both the economic systems themselves and Monopoly as a representation of said systems. 


Students will write an argumentative essay answering the following question upon finishing the above six lessons.

  • Which economic system best promotes freedom, equality, and prosperity?

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