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Kind Words

Sometimes we just need to give our students time to be positive. School comes with a lot of stress and providing time for positivity can be a really refreshing experience. An easy way to do this is through free writing. Kind Words is a game that can aid in this process. The game provides the players with several forms of writing. It is an online game where the player interacts, anonymously, with everyone else playing.  The player can send a letter out to the game’s community. The player can respond to messages sent out by other players online. And the player can write up a concern of theirs for other players online to respond to. All of this is set to a playlist of Lo-Fi music beats. The game is set up to be as chill and relaxing as possible in order to build a sense of comfort for the player. This lesson will get students accustomed to thinking positively and provide a space to actually give advice to others in a completely non-threatening and anonymous setting. The game even provides links to mental health resources for any of the players that may need them.

Developed by Popcannibal.

Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Rated: Everyone 10+