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As teachers, we always want to be culturally responsive when we teach. This involves, especially in English and Social Studies classes, many conversations around race, ethnicity, religion, and so on. Interracial people, however, often float under the radar. Teaching about interracial people can be tricky because they are not just one group of people. Someone who is interracial can be any combination of different races, or ethnicities. The experiences and identity of one person can be completely different from that of another. Each of them, however, experience the push and pull of two, or more, identities.

Half is a series of vignettes detailing the experience of being split between two identities and the invisible toll it takes. Pulled from memories both good and bad. Created by Emma Kidwell, it tells the story of a half White, half Japanese girl going through the motions of life. It offers an insight into what it means to have a multicultural identity and the challenges that may come with it. How do Emma’s peers treat and speak to her because of her race? What box would someone like Emma check when asked for her race? We need to be aware of these cases because, as shown in the game, humans are not something that can easily be sorted into different categories. Video games like Half can help get students thinking more critically about race. It can also help teach students about a group of people who have a very unique perspective of the world since they are, as Emma Kidwell puts it, “on the fringe of two identities.”

Developed by Emma Kidwell

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Rated: 13+