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The phrase "video games are art" gets thrown around a lot in the video game community. Never have I played a game where that idea seemed so true. Gris is not just a game. It is literally art. A beautiful watercolor painting that we have the privilege of interacting with. Take a screenshot of literally any scene and it would look like a painting. 

Beyond the aesthetics is a story of grief, something everyone will experience at one point or another. The experience of losing a loved one and all the emotions and baggage that comes with it. The story of a girl going through the stages of bringing color back to her life. I really cannot recommend this game enough for an art class. If an art teacher ever wanted to show their students how video games can be a future outlet for their art, Gris is that game. 

Developed by Nomada Studio

Available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, 

Rated: E for Everyone