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God of War

Anyone who has ever played the original God of War games knows that Kratos is not an easy person to empathize with. For years, he was solely driven by revenge and he killed anyone who stood in his way. This newest entry in the franchise changed everything. It seems most people, after playing the first thirty minutes, have emotionally connected to Kratos and his son Atreus.

The writing and character development game was taken to another level. Every ounce of craftsmanship was focused on getting the player to empathize with a person who had been previously impossible to empathize with. And it was done near perfectly. The dialogue, facial animations, camera work, music, and every other little detail helped foster a game lets us teaches us how to empathize. Empathy is one of the most important factors of studying history, or reading literature. Unfortunately empathy does not come easily to everyone. We can all stand to learn a little bit of it from God of War. 

Developed by Santa Monica Studio

Available on Playstation 4

Rated: M for Mature