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Bad News

People on average spend over two hours each day on social media. Our students are no exception. An unintended consequence of social media is that people tend to place themselves in a bubble of information. We see, like, share, or upvote posts that are in agreement with our own biases or perspectives. Over time we tend to see less and less of ideas that can potentially challenge these biases. This gradually pushes people more and more to the fringes of some, often

political, ideology. Disinformation plays a large role in

this. People are less likely to fact check something

that lines up with their own beliefs. The Bad News

Game can help get students thinking critically about

the “news” and information they come in contact

with on social media. It sheds a light on some of the

tactics utilized by people who engage in

misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

Developed by Drog In collaboration with the University of Cambridge

Available on Web-Browser

Rated: 14+